Los Angeles

A street photography project by Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin

Black Street

Navigating a sometimes hostile environment is a key skill for Black street photographers in today’s society.

Street photography is a difficult craft for anyone. You need to juggle creativity, be aware of your surroundings, and process the complex social dynamics that come with the medium. Being a Black street photographer adds an additional layer of complexity that can be daunting.

Society over scrutinizes the everyday actions of Black people in general and adding a camera increases that attention. Under most circumstances I don’t have the luxury of going unnoticed, just my presence in certain spaces creates unwarranted suspicion. Operating within these constraints enables me to incorporate the way the world sees me into the way I document it. The hyper-visibility that comes with being Black in public has come to play a crucial role in how I approach my work.


Despite all this I continue to find inspiration photographing the public space. My identity lies at the core of my creativity, it’s a major part of what makes my perspective unique.