Los Angeles

A street photography project by Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin

The Bigger Picture (Part 2)

Last week I wrote a piece about why I began to work street photography into my portfolio. You can read the post here: The Bigger Picture (part 1). Now I’m going to share some of my experiences over the past year and what I’ve learned from the process.

Chinatown, Los Angeles 2019.

When I returned to Los Angeles after the portfolio review, I was energized but also a little cautious. All types of photography are difficult at a high level and street is one of the hardest of all. Adding this to my professional portfolio was going to be challenge and it was going to take some time. I started by photographing as many different environments as possible. From Los Angeles to Toronto, Philadelphia, and back to NYC, I explored as many neighborhoods as I could. Over time, situations that once seemed chaotic slowed down dramatically. I progressed from taking any picture I could to picking my spots and allowing scenes to come together. Eventually my street photography had sufficiently evolved so I began to focus on other aspects of my approach.

Toronto Canada, 2018.
Philadelphia, 2019.
Harlem, 2019.

I have a great respect for photographers that capture fleeting, whimsical moments in the city but that’s never been my goal. I use street photography to explore aspects of urban life that are left out of the mainstream narrative. My landscape work is shaped by my experiences growing up in Los Angeles and my street photography is an extension of that perspective. I can present a more detailed picture of life in the neighborhoods I document. This process has taught me that you can always improve your craft and find new ways to share your vision.

Downtown Los Angeles, 2019.