Los Angeles

A street photography project by Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin

We Got LeBron!

One of my favorite areas for street photography is the Toy District in Downtown Los Angeles. Last July I set out to take some pictures in the middle of one of the worst heatwaves of that summer. Luckily, the streets were packed despite the temperature exceeding 100 degrees in the afternoon. I was drawn to these two men talking because even from a half block away, their demeanor and body language caught my eye.  As I passed them it was no surprise to hear their conversation was about basketball. A few days earlier, LeBron James had agreed to join the Lakers and the entire city was buzzing. Here in L.A. we have many excellent sports teams but nothing gets this city talking like the Lakers.

My favorite thing about this photograph is that it reminds me of talking basketball with my older brothers. These days it’s harder and harder to get everyone together and I miss these types of conversations. I recognized that dynamic in these two men immediately which is what compelled me to make this photograph.

I used my Fujifilm X70 for this image and processed it in Adobe Lightroom CC.