Los Angeles

A street photography project by Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin

Personal Reasons

Why do I repeatedly turn to the streets of Los Angeles for my creative inspiration? My work revolves around the portrayal of everyday life in one the world’s great cities and my starting point is the neighborhoods I’m most familiar with. The essence of a L.A.’s identity can be found in the unseen rhythms that dominate public spaces, beyond the tourist traps and opulent imagery generally associated with the city.

The story of most areas I frequent is unknown to many inside city limits, let alone those completely unfamiliar with Los Angeles. I enjoy photographing scenes that provide a view into a world the general public is unaware of. My fascination with street life predates my interest in photography and intersects with a rough period in my life. Processing the things I’ve witnessed has taught me about the world in ways no other experience could. Spending so much time in the streets is what sparked my interest in photographing them, fueling a desire to go beyond the pursuit of spectacle in search of a deeper narrative.