Los Angeles

A street photography project by Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin

One Los Angeles of Many

Last week I had a really good day. After a work sponsored holiday breakfast and a trip to the Broad museum I found myself with an afternoon to kill in Downtown Los Angeles, complete with camera in hand. The weather was breathtaking as usual (a Californian perk) so I went to work photographing the streets with great enthusiasm. I had planned the afternoon around meeting up with an acquaintance for coffee (Shout out to Mike the Poet) and connecting with two of my best friends, Erwin Recinos and Luis Torres later to take a few flicks and have a couple drinks. All in all the day flowed beautifully, giving me the chance to build with three creatives who approach incorporating L.A. into their work in very differently. The experience left me contemplating the ways life in this city has shaped my own art and how it separates me from most other photographers out here.

Everyone is the star of their own story. The thing about life in a city as big as Los Angeles is that everyone has their own interpretation. I have a lot of respect for the experiences of others and love discussing L.A. as a place with people that have a lot of history here. Stories intersect and legends overlap but at the end of the day we’re all pushing a version of the truth, sharing a personal Los Angeles with the world at large.