Los Angeles

A street photography project by Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin

L.A. Story (Continuity)

I’m fascinated by the concept of continuity as it applies to a body of work. With my own photography in particular, I’ve always considered it one never ending story, a visual representation of life in Los Angeles from my perspective. One aspect of this approach (and a byproduct of growing up here) is connection to my youth, particularly to inner city L.A. skateboard/graffiti culture in the nineties. I take great pride in being able to trace my style back to this era as I feel that it is a perspective that has influenced so much but rarely gets its due. It has formed the foundation of my own creative work, giving it an ambiguous yet clearly discernible quality that is specific to the City of Angels.

Every picture I take and essay I add to my portfolio illuminates the narrative further, adding to a chorus of other local creatives pushing to redefine the misconceptions about life in Los Angeles.