The Los Angeles Recordings is a comprehensive, long term photographic study of the rapidly changing urban landscape. For the past 2 years I have been documenting the effects of gentrification, redevelopment, and demographic shifts on the urban landscape of specific neighborhoods in the city. The goal is to present a portrait of the city that reflects the lives of people that actually live in Los Angeles as opposed to the glossy, fictional version that dominates the mainstream narrative.

The unembellished, straightforward nature of the photographs reflect the understated beauty of the neighborhoods being documented. From an outside perspective some may see only vacant lots and other signs of urban decay but it is important to take a more critical look at these areas. My experiences growing up on the streets of L.A. inform every aspect of my work. Living in the city for the majority of my life enables me to not only document it’s transformation, but to provide insight into the impact these changes have had on the city as a whole.

Los Angeles is a collection of incredibly diverse neighborhoods. They can be located directly next to one another and have a completely different culture and atmosphere. Migration patterns, proximity to support services, and cost of living play an enormous role in the topographic composition of an area. As the cycle of gentrification accelerates, spaces that reflect the lives of those that occupy them are being demolished in exchange for generic structures that cater to the affluent.